2011-01-09: Updated COVER with a new CD-cover, Mathias Algotsson Trio & Friends, which was released 8th december 2010 at Fasching, Stockholm:


2011-01-09: Updated WHITELINES limited edition (Anton Grandert Edition) with some new photos from the bookshelves.
The illustrated notebooks were officially released on the 25th of august 2010 and
can still be found in various shops in Sweden:


2011-01-09: Updated with a new category - DATING IN THE DARK:


There are some photos from the production of the reality show which was shot early in 2010:


2011-01-09: Updated the DIGITAL category with some additional photos:


2010-06-16: Updtated PAINTING with a portrait of Marcus Fjellström:

2010-05-10: Updtated DIGITAL with an illustration for a tv-commercial for Riksgalden:


2010-04-29: Updated COVER with a new DVD-cover, ignorance!


2010-04-25: Updated with a new category - WHITELINES limited edition:

3 new illustrations - LIFE, PEOPLE and MORE!

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